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Towards Therapeutic Sustainability

The Invisible Pandemic

A mental health and suicide post-covid snapshot Let me preface this by saying I am not against lockdowns or their need. Recently witnessing thousands protest to the idea of frontline medical staff potentially requiring another vaccine (despite requiring rounds of them before entering a clinical environment) to continue to practice seems a tad much (to […]

Finding mindful moments

Mindfulness is often criticised and has been branded as being ‘fluffy’ and ‘hippielike’! I will hold my hands up here and admit, I was one of those who absolutely hated the idea of mindfulness. Thought it was a load of twaddle. I understand it may not work for everyone, that is okay. We are all […]

Mental Health in the land of a Billion people:

Understanding the Challenges & Frame of Reference in India Our Frame of Reference refers to the way we perceive people and the world around us. This is influenced by several factors, including our identity, experiences, education, exposure to media, culture, socio-economic background to name a few. When it comes to understanding how people from various […]

Counselling Training by Zoe Burnett

Counselling Training

A look into what one counselling student has learnt on her journey so far…. 18 weeks ago, we walked through that door, Eager and excited, to see what was in store. Eight strangers with different interests and goals, But helping others lies deep, within each of our souls. We started to learn the core conditions, […]

Managing My Own BPD

A Personal Account of Managing BPD I finally realised I needed help at the age of 35 when my life collapsed. I ceased to function, I lost my Job, my home, my family, everything. I was desperate and wanted the pain to end. It was not the first time I had attempted to end my […]

Journey Through Counselling Training

Personal Account of Becoming Qualified Many, many years ago, when I first started my Level 2 Counsellor Training, the tutor asked us all what our reasons were for wanting to become counsellors. We all had different reasons as can be expected. “I can help due to my life experiences”. I never thought I would look back at this statement […]