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When you join our Memberships you will get a FREE listing on our Therapist Directory. This is included in all of our memberships. We are also giving this to all Students in a separate Directory to make it easier for them to gain their 100hrs Placement.

If you are about to apply for an Associate Membership please ensure you read the requirements below in full.

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with us so we can advise you on what membership level is right for you. Because we are a not for profit Membership Body, we will have to charge an administration fee for any changes if you apply for the wrong membership.

If you can tick off each requirement set out below you are in a good position to begin your registration. What we are looking for is the evidence that suggests you have met the minimum level of requirements to be considered Professional, or Qualified.

We do understand that the counselling profession is complicated, and so we do not expect that everyone will understand the process. Again, please do get in touch.

Please continue to read about our memberships. Enjoy the reading and we hope you will join us on making our communities healthier.

Before Applying - Meet the Requirements Summary

You will need to complete a 'Supervisor Report Form' every year...

Our Full Requirements

Associate Membership - AMISPC

Are you Qualified?

Get a FREE listing on our Therapist Directory when you join our Memberships...

Entry is open to counsellors who have qualified with a Level 4 Advanced Counselling Diploma, either taken over 1 year full time, or taken over 2 years part time.

We also accept Counselling/Counselling Psychology Degrees and Masters.

All training must have been face to face in the main. We understand that not all training can always be held face to face.

If you have any disability that means studying online was the only option, please get in touch. We can assess you with simple assessment via conference call to get to know you better. And you will get to meet us tooooooo.

If you are from Europe, Americas, Africas, Middle East or Asia there are different considerations for becoming a member of our society. This being said, we are open to all applications that promotes helping others and bringing about communities. Please do get in touch.

Please get in touch if you have different qualifications but feel you can apply for Associate ISPC Membership level.

Training must include Counselling Skills and Counselling Theory as part of your studies.

Evidence of Qualifications

Evidence of qualifications must be uploaded with each application. All evidence presented with applications will be checked and qualified.

This of course is necessary to ensure that all of our members comply to our standards. We look at each application independently. We are not black and white as there is always room for a bit of grey.

Qualifications we do not accept

We get applications from a variety of disciplines and unfortunately we can not encompass them all.

Psychology Qualifications

Hypnotherapy Qualifications

CBT Qualifications

We do however accept these qualifications as further Counselling Education that can be added to boost your application.

Have completed 100 placement hours

Have completed 100 hours of a supervised placement and sufficient supervision undertaken. We consider 1.5hrs of Placement Supervision per 8 client hours as necessary.

Each placement must have offered face to face counselling hours in the main.

Again, we take into consideration any disability that does not allow to meet this criteria.

Each placement must be with in an organisation that is considered professional. Examples of placements that are not considered ‘Professional’ are those where another counsellor gives you clients to practice with. It is imperative that the clients you see understand you are in training. We do not accept applications for counsellors who do not comply with this point.

Placement Supervisors must be Qualified Counselling Supervisors or have the necessary training within their organisation to have the experience of overseeing your placement.

A supervisors reference from your placement provider must be uploaded with the application form.

Ongoing Supervision

The Counsellor must be receiving ongoing supervision.

To comply with all of our memberships you must be receiving supervision. We consider 1.5hrs per month a necessary requirement to ensure that your work is over seen.

Even Supervisors of Counsellors have their own Supervisor.

When you apply for Accreditation you will be required to provide evidence that you have met this criteria throughout.

Personal Therapy

We consider that having personal therapy as part of your growing self awareness as one of our highest values. Having personal therapy helps you to understand from a client point of view the courage it takes to open up. And of course, useful to find new insights into your own world.

CDP and Further Training

Associates must show their willingness to keep up to date with counselling theory in an ever-changing society. Completing 30 hours CPD per year as standardised through your career in Counselling.

This is to ensure that you are always meeting the standards and ethics of the ISPC.

The benefits of continued professional development are that you are up to date and always learning new ways of working with your clients. It will ensure your work is always fulfilling for your clients, and more importantly for yourself.

Are You Ready to Apply?

Please ensure you have the following will need the below to begin your application for registration.

You will need to complete a 'Supervisor Report Form' every year - Transparency & Openness

Therapist Directory Listing

This is Completely Free...

You get a FREE Therapist Directory listing when joining this Membership. Yes this is completely FREE and no strings attached…

Because we are not for profit and trying to reduce costs for counsellors we feel it necessary to give you what we can for free. Other Directories will cost you in the region of £100 – £200 per year…

Directories are a great way for you to show case your work. But mainly, its great for your Private Practice website. Link your ISPC Therapist Directory Listing to your website. This tells Google that you are worth looking at.

Also, if you join our membership you can also gain reduced rate Directory Listings with Health Hubble, an up and coming star in the world of therapy.

Memberships and more

Memberships are not open to everyone...

To move from Student Member to Associate Member all you need to do is complete your 1 year (full time) or 2 year (part time) level 4 (Or a Degree/Masters) and meet the above standards set above. Then you can get fully insured as a qualified counsellor and gain your Professional recognition for your hard work.

Please also be mindful that to gain Accredited status you will have needed to have completed many more hours training and been in practice for at least 3 consecutive years.

The best route is to goto our Counsellors Pathway that outlines the Diploma route to becoming a qualified counsellor. There is also the Degree route which is much more money and doesn’t necessarily mean you are a better counsellor. Although, with continual changes in the counselling industry it may mean in the future you may need to top up any diplomas to Degree Level. This. as yet, is unclear.

Through Europe, Americas, Africas, Middle East and Asia there are different considerations for becoming a member of our society. This being said, we are open to all applications that promotes helping others and bringing about communities.

What we would like to do is ensure that you, as a member of the ISPC are equipped to be the best you can be, and having up to date information is crucial for your development…and peace of mind.

Any changes within the ISPC, or within society and law, will be posted on our website. 

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Counsellors work with clients experiencing a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties to help them bring about effective change and/or enhance their wellbeing. Clients could have issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, loss and relationship difficulties that are affecting their ability to manage life.

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