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Body Image and Body Acceptance

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Body image problems affect lots of different people. It’s not about vanity or being shallow. Body image issues aren’t something “silly” experienced only by teenage girls, nor are they something we can just “get over”. I could share lots of statistics about how many people don’t like their bodies but I think we all know… […]

My Eating Disorder and PTSD

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My experience of misconceptions with Eating Disorders and PTSD… You’re not slim enough to have an eating disorder? You have never been to war, how can you have PTSD? You are too bubbly to be suicidal! Hmmmm All of these misconceptions have one deadly thing in common. They have all nearly cost me my life. […]

Natural mood regulation low or even absent in people with depression

Mood varies from hour-to-hour, day-to-day and healthy mood regulation involves choosing activities that help settle one’s mood. However, in situations where personal choices of activities are constrained, such as during periods of social isolation and lockdown, this natural mood regulation is impaired which might result in depression. New research, published today in JAMA Psychiatry, from […]