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Towards Therapeutic Sustainability

Is it Therapy or Counselling?

Therapy, Counselling. What is the difference?

What is the difference between a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologist and counsellor? A psychotherapist provides ‘talk therapy’ of one sort or another, although some therapies might feel like there is not much actual talking at all – just forms and exercises.  (I once attended a world-class CBT course but was horrified that they didn’t want to actually talk […]

Relationship Breakups

Relationship Breakups, Lincoln Counselling

Being Open Minded About Your Relationship Breakup When it comes to Counselling and Relationship Breakups, one size definitely does not fit all. Some couples come in to rekindle their relationship and love, some come in for the benefit of their children, and some come in to end things with a third party involved to ensure […]

How Blogging Can Elevate Your Counselling Website on Google

How to ensure you are being seen on google. Having a counselling website that attracts a steady flow of clients and ranks highly on Google can take a fair amount of time and effort. And this is before you consider the ever-changing methods of Google. when it comes to deciding who ranks on the first […]